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Interrupter Switch (Air-Outdoor)


◆ Use a highly reliable interrupter unit
◆ Excellent arc interruption method
◆ Excellence proven by export

  • Small and light, which makes installation and transport easy.
  • Strength needed for operation has been reduced.
  • Is remotely controlled. On-off status can be confirmed on the ground.
  • It has high structural stability.
  • Arc interruption is very discrete in the case of load make/break, which prevents expulsion of gas or fire.
  • Current carrying part is made up of copper or copper alloys.
  • TR208 (ANSI C 29.9) has been used as a base insulator.


Type 90511
  Rated Voltage(kV) 25.8
 Rated current(A) 630
Rated power frequency(Hz) 60
Rated short-time withstand current(kA rms) 25
  Switching capacity(A) 630
 Withstand voltage(kV) Impulse 150
Drying 70
Wet 60
 Applied standard IEC 60265-1 / ANSI C37.32

Service Condition

– Surrounding temperature : -20℃~40℃
– Altitude : Less than 1,000m
– Wind speed : Wind speed