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3Way LBS


The Joongwon 3 Way Load Break Switch is designed to meet increasing requirement of the electric utility industry, providing a safe, maintenance free, long life, economical device to perform load current breaking on overhead distribution lines.
Two independent switch disconnectors in one enclosure with the three tapped way can be used for easy and reliable line branching in 24kV(max.27kV) networks.

  • Energy stored mechanism by spring charging – 5,000 mechanical endurance
  • Automatic Load Transfer Switch
  • Double sealing techniques with EPDM rubber
  • Minimal maintenance required for the high voltage unit
  • Overpressure relief device
  • Low gas pressure interlock device

Switch position

Switch position with Earthing switch(optional only)


Main switch : JW-3WAY

 Rated system voltage(kV) 12/15/17.5/24
Rated continuous current(A) 630
정Rated short-time withstand current(kA, rms) 16
Power frequency withstand voltage
To earth and between phases(kV) 50
Across the isolating distance(kV) 60
Lighting impulse withstand voltage (1.2×50μs)(kV) 125 / 150 (Optional)
Rated power frequency(㎐) 50 / 60
Phase spacing(mm) 240
External creep distance(mm) 750
Min. external strike distance(mm) 260
 Max. opening time(sec) ≤ 2
 Max. closing time(sec) ≤ 2
Insulating material SF6 Gas
Ambient temperature(℃) -25 to 70
Ambient humidity(%) ≤ 100
 Altitude(m) ≤ 2 000
Degree of protection IPX7
Mechanical endurance(times) 5,000
Rated control voltage(V) AC 110 – 240 V / DC 24V
Weight(body)(kg) 220
Weight(controller)(kg) 50
Applied standard IEC 62271-103

Earthing switch (optional)

Rated system voltage(kV) 11-24
Rated short-time withstand current(kA, rms) 16
Power frequency withstand voltage(kV) 60
Mechanical endurance(times) 2,000
Applied standard IEC 62271-103