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Load Break Switch (Solid)


Environmentally friendly polymer insulation and vacuum interruption
Switching on/off the load current of process power distribution line, for division and tapping of lines

  • SF6 gas free
    This product uses vacuum interruption and does not use SF6, a greenhouse gas, which makes it environmentally friendly.
    By adapting a polymer insulation, it doesn’t require constant maintenance, gas monitoring or top up of insulation.
    Through watertight epoxy mold, we’ve removed the danger of explosion due to rise in pressure.
    Quality stability has been realized by Mold product that has the same shape.
  • Operating part
    All the point of contact in all planes open and close at the same time. The speed of opening and closing is always the same regardless of operation.
    Automatic switch can be operated not just electronically from the control box, but manually by controls on the body. It can be operated on the spot or via a remote.
  • Water proof & rust prevention
    The body of the switch has been welded with stainless steel and covered with epoxy tar film, making it rust-proof.
  • Compact design
    A compact design was achieved through VI method and simple control, which minimizes the room needed for installation.


Rated system voltage(kV) 24 / 25.8 / 27
Rated continuous current(A) 400 630
Rated short-time withstand current(kA, rms) 12.5 / 16
Power frequency withstand voltage(kV)
Dry (1min.) 60
Wet (10sec.) 50
Lighting impulse withstand voltage (1.2×50μs)(kV) 150
Rated power frequency(㎐) 50 / 60
Rated interrupting time(sec) ≤ 1
Rated closing time(sec) ≤ 1
Insulating medium Epoxy
Ambient temperature(℃) -25 to 70
Ambient humidity(%) ≤ 100
Altitude(m) ≤ 2000
Mechanical endurance(times) 5,000
 Rated control voltage AC 110 – 230 V / DC 24V
Weight(body)(kg) 110
Weight(controller)(kg) 40
Operated method Auto/ Manual
Applied standard IEC 62271-103 & KEPCO std.(GS-5925-0137)