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Recloser with Directional Relay (Solid)


The Joongwon Recloser is designed to meet increasing requirement of the electric utility industry, providing a safe, maintenance free, long life, economical device to perform fault current interrupting and reclosing on overhead distribution lines. The Joongwon Recloser is applicable to 12kV(max.15kV), 24kV(max.27kV) and 36kV(max.38kV) power distribution systems and substation. It can be operated manually(if applicable) or electrically via controller with FTU and should be mounted to the pole and substation mounting base.
The Joongwon Recloser is able to meet present recloser demands, plus offer advanced capabilities such as fault location, adaptive protection, control monitoring, power quality, communications, single phase tripping and loop control for tomorrow’s needs of power distribution line.

  • Proven design rated for 10,000 full load operations
  • Hydrophobic Cycloaliphatic Epoxy (HCEP) insulation provides industry leading reliability
  • Stainless steel construction for durability in any environment
  • Air insulation for an environmentally friendly design
  • Minimal maintenance required for the high voltage unit
  • Directional discriminating algorithms help prevent reverse failure
  • Reverse current monitoring and inhibition of injection during live on the load side


Rated system voltage(kV) 12(max. 15) 24(max. 27) 36(max. 38)
Rated continuous current(A) 630
 Rated short-time withstand current(kA, rms) 12.5 / 16
Power frequency withstand voltage(kV)
Dry (1min.) 50 60 70
Wet (10sec.) 45 50 60
Lighting impulse withstand voltage (1.2×50μs)(kV) 110 150 170
Rated power frequency(㎐) 50 / 60
Rated interrupting time(sec) 0.050
 Rated closing time(sec) 0.070
Insulating medium Epoxy
Ambient temperature(℃) -25 to 70
Ambient humidity(%) ≤ 100
Altitude(m) ≤ 1 000
 Rated standard operating duty O – 0.5s – CO – 1s – CO – 1s – CO – lockout
 Mechanical endurance(times) 10,000 times
 Rated control voltage AC 110 – 220 V / DC 24V
Weight(body)(kg) 120 150 230
Weight(controller)(kg) 40
 Applied standard IEC 62271-111, ANSI C37.60 & KEPCO spec.