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Surge Protector

Surge Absorber


◆ Uses silicone, a newly arising novelty polymer material
◆ Excellent pressure relief and airtight structure
◆ Suitable for outdoor and damaged areas
◆ Unchanging surge absorption abilities in long-term uses

This is a protective equipment used in AC power circuit to protect power apparatus and system circuit from switching surge that may occur in making and breaking a circuit due to earth fault, VCB, no load MOLD transformer, low-capacity MOTOR.

  • The product has a FRP filament winding structure, which leads to excellent pressure relief. This makes the product safe from explosive accidents.
  • It is light and small which makes transport and stroage easy.
  • The product is completely airtight.
  • Its housing is made up of silicone, which makes it suitable for use in damaged areas or outdoors.
  • It uses silicone, which is an excellent water repellent. This makes it suitable for use in damaged areas or outdoors.
  • The product uses zinc oxide which has an excellent ability to withstand current impulse. This means that it retains its perfect surge absorptive abilities despite long-term use.


Type JPAS-3.6 JPAS-7.2 JPAS-18
Nominal voltage(kV) 3.3 6.6 18
Application circuit voltage(kV) 3.6 7.2 22.9
Reference voltage(V1㎃) (kV) 8~10
Movement opening voltage(V1㎃) (kV) 16~20 40~50
Limiting voltage(300A)(kV) 15 30
Discharge limit capacity(4/10㎲) (kA) 20
 Rated power frequency(Hz) 60
 Housing  Polymer(Silicone)

Application Standard

Protection equipment

3kV 6kV 3kV 6kV 20kV
 Distribution line
Motor Squirrel-cage induction motor Line-start Refered to when use in VCS JPAS-3.6 JPAS-7.2
Synchronous JPAS-7.2(less than 75W)
 Generator Needed in case of below 800kVA (JPAS-3.6/7.2)
 Transformer Oil
Transformer and induction voltage regulator Condenser

VCS(Vacuum Circuit Switch)

Rated voltage Cable Line-start Reactor-start (50% TAP)
75kW below 75kW below 150kW below 150kW above
When using 3kV inching operation under 50m
50~200m Condenser JPAS-3.6
above 200m Condenser JPAS-3.6
Rated voltage) Cable Line-start Reactor-start
300kW below 300kW above 600kW below 600kW above
6kV 25m below
25~200m JPAS-7.2* JPAS-7.2
200m above JPAS-7.2* JPAS-7.2

* Use condenser-type I inching


Below 800kVA above 800kVA
3kV JPAS-3.6
6kV JPAS-7.2