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Compact VCB


Joongwon’s vacuum circuit breaker adopts the VI(Vacuum Interrupter) that uses vacuum as the insulation medium and the electromotive spring and thus are easy and safe to use with its superb circuit breaking capacity. In particular, it was designed to be much smaller and lighter for 800mm compact enclosed switchgear.

  • Excellent breaking capacity
    The current breaking time is very short, and the insulation recovery features are wonderful. It also presents the most stable breaking performance with no potential danger of restrike or reignition.
  • Easy repair and maintenance
    Its outstanding electrical and mechanical durability makes it unnecessary special repair or maintenance even for a long-term use. There are various options including the fixed and the draw-out type. And it’s easy to install, repair and check thanks to the compact design.
  • High reliability
    Its top durability is guaranteed with more than 10,000 times of operation tests, which makes it the perfect breaking choice for a situation requiring frequent breaking.
    In addition, it’s stable in the mechanical and electrical aspect since the operational power is free from impacts thanks to the electromotive spring method.
  • High quality
    It’s compliance with international standard as applying the latest standard IEC 62271-100 developed it.
  • High speed re-closing
    It can serve as a high speed-reclosing breaker that is needed to avoid the damage by a lightning impulse or a temporary earth fault.
    Operating Sequence O-0.3sec-CO-3min-CO

VCB Ratings

Type JWV MS242506 JWV242512
Rated voltage(kV) 25.8
Rated current(A) 630 1250
Rated power frequency(Hz) 60
Rated short-circuit breaking current(kA) 25
Rated short-circuit making current(kA) 65
Rated short time withstand current(kA 1sec) 25
Rated power frequency withstand voltage(kA)(rms) 60
Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage(kV)(Peak) 125(1.2×50㎲)
No-load closing time(s) ≤ 0.1 sec
Opening time(s) ≤ 0.1 sec
Rated short circuit breaking time(Cycle) 3
Operating duty O – 0.3 sec – CO – 3min – CO
 Applied standard IEC 62271-100
Closing method spring charge
Tripping method Shunt trip
Rated motor operating voltage(V) DC 110V
Rated closing control voltage(V) DC 110V
Rated tripping control voltage(V) DC 110V
Raged closing control current(A) 5A below
Rated tripping control current(A) 5A below
Motor operating current(A) 5A below
Aux. contact class Class 1
 Mechanical endurance M2 (10,000)
Electrical endurance E1
 Restrike class C2

Earth Switch Ratings

Type JWE MS2525
Rated voltage(kV) 25.8
Rated power frequency(Hz) 60
Rated power frequency withstand voltage 60
Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage 125(1.2×50㎲)
 Applied standard IEC 62271-102
 Operation method manual