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29kV Dry Air Insulated Switchgear


Joongwon Co., Ltd. 29kV Indoor gas insulated switchgear is installed in railway electric power rail division and auxiliary power section to monitor, control, protect and measure electric power system. It is equipped with circuit breaker, disconnecting switch, earth switch, PT, LA are housed in metal enclosures and SF6 gas which has excellent insulation performance is packed with insulating medium and compacted. It is a substation facility with stability and reliability.

  • Applying VI to the circuit breaker part the installed area is reduced by compact design.
  • Major components are combined into standard components for easy installation.
  • Charging parts are built into metal enclosures and are stable and the control unit is arranged in batches on the control panel for easy operation.
  • Convenient and easy to operate and inspect by providing protection and monitoring functions.


Rated system voltage(kV) 29
Rated current(A) 630 / 2000
Rated frequency(㎐) 60
Rated breaking current(kA, rms) 20
Power frequency withstand voltage(kV)
 Phase to Phase & Phase to ground 95
 Pole to Pole 110
Lighting impulse withstand voltage (1min)(kV)
Phase to Phase & Phase to ground 200
Pole to Pole 220
 Operating Method  CB Motor spring
DS Electric
ES  Manual
Rated gas Pressure(at 20℃, gauge)(MPa) 0.2
 class E1, C2, M2
 Applied standard GIS IEC 62271-200, KRSA Std.
CB IEC 62505-1, IEC 62271-100