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Pad Mounted Switchgear (SF6)


◆ Suitable for the current trend of padmounting process line
◆ Excellent interrupting and insulating abilities of SF6 GAS
◆ Switching on/off the load current of padmounted power distribution line, for division and tapping of lines

  • Reliable Insulation and Interrupting Capacity
    A perfect interruption is guaranteed because of excellent insulation and interrupting capacity of SF6 GAS.
    SF6 GAS is incombustible, so there is absolutely no risk of fire.
    By selecting a Puffer interruption method, where SF6 GAS in a cylinder is compressed, the product shows excellent making and breaking abilities.
    Flash Over due to making/breaking surge and cable loading current, which occurs during vacuum interruption doesn’t occur.
  • High Safety and Maintenance Free
    SF6 Gas is incombustible, which eliminates the danger of fire in any indoor/outdoor environment.
    SF6 gas is non-toxic to human body and is therefore highly stable.
    Maintenance is nearly unnecessary as the product has complete airtightness and simple control parts via TIG welding.
  • Water Proof & Rust Prevention
    The body of the switch has been welded with stainless steel and covered with epoxy tar film, making it rust-proof.
  • Compact Design
    A compact design was achieved through SF6 Gas insulation method and simple control, which minimizes the room needed for installation.


Type 4W×4S Auto 4W×4S Manual 3W×3S Manual
 Rated Voltage(kV) 25.8
Rated current(A) 600
Rated power frequency(Hz) 60
Current breakingcapacity 100% Load current(A) 600
Field current(A) 21
Cable charging current(A) 25
Line charging current(A) 1.5
Loop current(A) 600
Rated short-time withstand current(kA) 12.5kA
Rated making current(kV peak) 32.5kA
 Power frequency withstand voltage(kV) 60kV
Direct current withstand voltage(kV/15min) 78
Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage(kV) 125kV
Inside pressure Minimum(MPa) 0.01
(at 20℃) Normal(MPa) 0.05
Operating method Auto / Manual Manual
 Insulation medium SF6 Gas
(kg) / Weight 580kg 480kg 390kg
Applied standard ES 5925-0002

Switch Type

Product number Symbol Installation Number of circuits Operating method
On-site Manual
108187 33-D-M-125 On-site Manual